DiVine Dome

Geodesic Dome near Nottingham

Set in the Nottinghamshire countryside, DiVine Dome is the passion-project and vision of your host, Nina Dauban. This mini-break offers you a sacred space and zen garden in which to find your own healing, peace and settlement.

As life sometimes causes us all to feel overwhelmed and often in need of quiet; away from the usual pressures and demands of modern-day living. The DiVine Dome offers a unique experience set in beautiful countryside to bring you closer to your own true nature.

The DiVine dome is a sustainable geodesic eco-structure; the shape being known to offer immediate wellbeing to our natural systems. Its structure mirrors human cells, the Earth and the whole Universe. Your body and instincts will feel stronger, centered and more grounded just by being in this environment.

The retreat is over one or two nights and you have the option of a Flow Game experience on night two should you wish.

For rates, please check our packages.