The Symbol of the Heart of Emergence


A new symbol for a new time, its open, unfinished, feminine, flowing, conjoining and meets in the middle to form a heart.

It originated from a process with friends in 2008 as we discussed current symbols. They all seemed finished and fixed and linked to a doctrine or dogma of old.

We wanted a new symbol to express a new time. A time of connection to universal energies. A time of heart emergence and integration. A time of co-creation. The heart of emergence was born, pristine unattached to yesterday, full of joy for today.

I chose the colours green and purple as they symbolise the energetic colours of the universal blood system and the two lines represent the ascendant and transcendent influences within us.

We each feel the desire to grow, to develop, to find our purpose and connect with our higher-self or spiritual truth, hence the ascendant ray reaching up.

Equally many of us feel the higher influence always there loving, supporting, inspiring and guiding us, we know it comes from high to low (but low isn’t lesser of course) hence the transcendent ray. And they met in the middle to create a heart, it felt right, it felt righteous, it was one of those spine tingling moments.

I loved it so much and felt so important that at the age of 40 I had it as my first tattoo. The heart of the emergence was made indelible on my arm, as its meaning and promise were engraved in my heart.

For me it is the symbol of integration – head and heart, spirit and soul, male and female. The symbol of spiritual unity through the heart – the unity of my dual aspects, the unity of the high and low, the unity of us all as we meet through our humanity – through our heart. As we know our own heart is connected to the source and through our love do we find ourselves, we find each other and then the mission finds us!

The Sacred Heart of the Emergence

Can you feel the beauty in every part
Its causes, its wisdom, its living art
Can you sing the song of flying free
Of dancing with life, how it’s meant to be
Can you love your promise, your genetic trace
Their way in you and all of its grace
Can you be open to Now, the space of conception
Holding it clear, away from corruption
Can you bring all yourselves and then let them go
To run with the wind of no-one knows
Can you be with great joy as we join it together
Surrendering to love, the emerging endeavour
What if we offer a Temple of New?
What’s is possible for us, what can we do?
How can we honour this sacred court
A spirited response from our Unified heart.

Nina Dauban, 2018


Meditation from the Heart of the Emergence