The Build

The Divine Dome designer and chief builder
Jason Revill

“I have been designing and building homes and creating unique spaces for over 30 years. They all had a purpose and required blood sweat and sometimes tears. To build this structure there was a calling and I travelled thousands of miles to converge with different hands from all over the World.

We began building in the rain, then in the heavy rain, then in the floods and finally in the storm…but we kept building as the nights grew colder and the storms grew stronger. Designing and building a Geodome is always a joy, as the space quickly comes alive as it is built with love and smiles, not grunts and curses!

Humans were designed using the Carbon 60 Molecule and the Geodome replicates this incredible structure. It is strong, resilient and circulates the energy and the air within it. A Geodome build is not like the usual square construction. As the frame binds together, you experience the tension as you connect the long-lasting zinc and steel triangles. I developed a unique system of overlapping scales that makes the shell totally water resistant, therefore solving the usual problems with classic Geodome designs.

The rain and storms led to nationwide flooding. But our outer shell protected us from the rain allowing us to apply the Cob – which is a natural covering of sand, clay and straw. This earthy, breathable mixture underpins the energy of the space. It regulates the air quality, and wraps you in a material that is natural, has a historical and ecological footprint which was formulated over millions of years.

As the end of the build grew near the DiVine Dome was adorned with colourful mosaics and our shell was strong and sealed from the outer elements. At the end of the build, we all looked in awe and wondered who would have the pleasure of experiencing our beautiful creation?”

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The Builders

Through the website WorkAway we have been helped by so many wonderful people volunteering from all over the world. Their skill, enthusiasm, kindness and love have been put into the Dome – A big Thank You to …