The Retreat offers you peaceful sacred space to sit in the garden, take woodland walks or meditate quietly in the Dome.
You can also bring an important personal question to a Flow Game which can bring new awareness, healing and insight into your life.

Some people simply need to have the space and time to be away from everyday life and realign themselves through silence and nature.

I have purposefully resisted giving the option of booking from the website as I prefer to discuss each retreat with you either over the phone or via email. This way I offer a more personal service as each retreat can be adjusted according to circumstance and requirements. This website can only explain so much and more information may be required to facilitate your decision.

Retreats are designed for individuals or couples.
Please see availability for booking options.


The Dome offers heating, lighting, electricity and hot water for drinks. There is an outside composting toilet for night time wees. A new mains plumbed toilet and shower is available just for guests in what was our porch. There is a very patchy Wi-Fi signal in the Dome but connection is possible from the garden.


Guests staying for two nights and wanting a Flow Game are welcome to join us for a simple vegetarian evening meal at 6pm on night two.

All other meals must be brought with you or sourced locally.

Package 1 – £100

The first package offers a one night stay. Arriving any time from and leaving before midday the following day. Giving you some quiet sacred time in the garden and Dome.

Package 2 – £250   

This offers a two-night stay arriving 2.00pm and leaving by midday on day 3. This option includes a Flow Game on Day 2.