Nick Ball – April 2020

“The first thing that I noticed is the aesthetic beauty of the Dome environment. The exquisite architecture takes your breath away and immediately takes you into another and better mental space.

I spent a night in the Dome and I was experiencing some life situation stresses before coming on the retreat, not least the COVID-19 epidemic.

These stresses quickly started to settle down as I settled into the Dome space. It seems to have a way of meditating you without any conscious effort on your part. You feel you can breathe better straight off and then really start to get into the immersive experience of the sacred geometry space.

No matter what your take on the claims for what these geometries may do to influence the mind, body and being – you are taken out of your analytical mindset and into your felt experience.

You breathe deeper, your mind and imagination soar and most importantly you feel acted on in the most beneficial way by the inner space.

I went to bed feeling emotionally wobbly and somewhat stressed, but had the most lovely positive feelings about life and dear friends/family before gratefully surrendering to the most restful sleep in a long time.

I woke next morning to beautiful bird songs and gentle breezes blowing round the Dome, refreshed and ready to face the challenges ahead. More so there was a deep sense of gratitude for the time spent in this wonderful safe space and the incredible benevolent insights and soft technologies it embodies.”